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About Us

Welcome to SchedCheck, the number one source for scheduling! We are dedicated to giving you the ultimate scheduling program with a specific focus on time management, dependability, and simplicity. This easy-to-use program will forever change the way you keep track of your employees and do your schedules!

Having experience in a company that has hundreds of employees, and even running a business that has less than 50, scheduling each week can be tough without the right program to do it. Some people spend 30 minutes or more creating a schedule for just one week, others prefer to have one drawn up and pencil in names… but who knows how long that possibly takes. Either way you look at it, it’s annoying.

What if in just one click you could have a schedule generate instantly? What if there was a program that didn’t require you to edit availability times of your staff beforehand to make a schedule? What if you didn’t have to keep track of overtime hours every week? What if you didn’t have to worry about double scheduling the same employee or making sure you actually scheduled everyone? Everything you look for in a scheduling program is bundled into one system for all your management needs and eliminates all the “what if’s”.

SchedCheck should be a part of your business or company because of one simple fact: IT WORKS. We hope you enjoy using our program as much as we enjoy building it for you, and will continue to make sure we are your number ONE choice when it comes to you and your team!


The idea for SchedCheck came to us back in 2017, when ironically wasting away who knows how much time drawing up a schedule for the upcoming week. As the General Manager of a business with around 80 team members, managing schedules was always a nightmare. 6 different sectors to fill across the board with 80 employees, all of which have constant availability changes, school and extra- curricular activities, and some even with other jobs and responsibilities. Every Sunday it took close to 30 minutes just to figure out who could and couldn’t be scheduled, and THEN another 30 to actually do it.

We remember always saying out loud; “wow, why can’t this system just do THIS, and then allow me to do THAT instead of always having to go through all these other steps beforehand?!” And then one day it hit, let’s just build it ourselves!

So, the planning began in 2017 of what kind of program we needed to make. What kind of software were we going to build that would not only make OUR lives easier at work, but make the lives of all the managers and schedule makers out there in the world easier too? And also, how can it be easy to use for both employers and employees all at the same time? That’s when SchedCheck was born. A software that allowed you to generate an entire week’s schedule with just ONE click of your mouse. Something you could log into and create all the templates you wanted up front and then when Sunday came around all you had to do was pick which one you wanted to use and boom, done! A program that had anything and everything you needed all for just one price without the worry of having to upgrade to a more premium version to get what you want. And the BEST part, a special feature that factors in every single thing about your employees and business to give you a schedule in less than a minute. Yes, you read that correctly… less than one minute!

Our main focus in creating this one-of-a-kind program is to eliminate the stress of scheduling in all forms, and cutting the costs by almost half in the process! Simplicity is our goal, for both managers and team members. Whether it’s logging in to create and send out a schedule while in the bathroom or logging in to see what days you’re working while on your lunch break. SchedCheck is for everyone, and we pride ourselves in what we have created for you. So use it, enjoy it, and most importantly… get to work!

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