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Video Tutorials

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Updated video tutorials coming soon.

Video 01
01 Account Management

Learn how to manage your accounts on SchedCheck, add new business, edit, or cancel subscriptions.

Video 02
02 Employee Roles

Learn to create/edit employee roles, and give your employees permissions across SchedCheck.

Video 03
03 Inviting Staff

Invite staff to use SchedCheck, and enter all of their details to build your employees profiles.

Video 04
04 Exceptions

Need to block of an entire day from being scheduled? Here's how you can do it. Welcome to Exceptions.


Video 05
05 Availability

Enter your availability in order to keep your employers, and schedule up to date or to book a day off.

Video 06
06 Blueprints

Blueprints will help utilize our OneClick feature. Watch this tutorial to learn how to create Blueprints.

Video 07
07 Schedules & OneClick

Create a schedule manually, or use our unique OneClick feature to create a schedule for you.

Video 08
08 Time Clock

Our Time Clock feature is explained. Find out how to manage your employees clock-in, and out times.


Video 09
09 My Shifts & Shift Exchange

See your upcoming shifts, give them up, or pick up others in the Shift Exchange.

Video 10
10 Your Account & Dashboard

Browse through your dashboard and see your schedule, or post to the company message board.

Video 11
11 Manager Logs

Find out how to create, edit, and delete manager logs. Keeping organized is a key to success.

Video 12
12 Portal

Activated your employee portal, send out thier pins, and log in to allow your staff clock-in/out.